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The Custom Knife Adventure cont'd...

Great fun continues as I've had the opportunity to build more folders looking forward to a larger transition into folding knives next year. This build included premium Skiff bearings

Custom KNife

consisting of ceramic balls in caged phosphorous bronze housing. The blade is an amazing pattern in stainless

damascus and etched really nicely. Handles consist of 100 yr old Bog Oak wood and anodized titanium fittings and liners.

I hope you'll continue to follow along and share with friends as I continue to explore various builds with exotic materials and seek to introduce premium folders for the '24 Signature Series along with continuing to make the occasional fixed blade knife.

Also! Mark your calendars and come take a

look at the Texas Custom Knife Show in Conroe, TX on Nov 4th and 5th. Can't wait to see you there as well as many other great custom knife makers. You'll have an opportunity to meet

J. Neilson and Doug Marcaida from the Forged in Fire television series. See you there!!

Please check out and follow my Instagram page @milinskiknives - Thank you!

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