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Coming Soon - Texas Knife Shows!...

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

The Texas knife show scene is an amazing gathering of makers from all over the state.

Talents from South Texas, through the hill country and on up the panhandle gather a few times a year to share their creations with the public to admire, purchase and trade stories

while enjoying music, awards and an opportunity to see the latest trends in the knife industry.

Each of the shows have their own personalities and attributes! See live demonstrations and personalities you'll be sure to recognize from the Forged in Fire television shows and makers published in all of the industry related journals and magazines. Come see the unique creations each maker offers and grab one for your personal use and enjoyment.

Custom Knives?...If you're not familiar with the difference custom knives offer, you'll quickly notice the level of details, embellishments and quality of their grinds and cutting edges. While they may cost more, you'll experience the noticeable benefits of quality steels, amazing handcrafted details and the edge retention that a quality heat treat and temper can provide! You'll also have a unique one of a kind piece to share with friends and family.

On the horizon are 3 big shows! You'll want to drop in if one is near you or make the trip to hang out for the entire weekend:

November 4/5 - Texas Custom Knife Show - Conroe, TX

February 23/24 - Blade Texas - Ft. Worth, TX

April 6 & 7 - Texas Select Custom Cutlery Event - Belleville, TX

honduran rosewood bird and trout knife

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