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Pocket Knives and Folders...

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Work is under way to begin offering fine folding knives in 2024! There promises to be a variety of designs, materials, and precision included in the release of Milinski Signature Folders. I've been researching integrating premium bearings into the designs of my liner lock knives to allow for the smoothest of opening/closing action.

Material combinations will highlight the use of hand shaped bolsters and liners crafted from high quality titanium anodized in my shop to various colors that will add to many of the pieces.

Custom pocket knives will include liners with great details like hand filed designs and "engine turning" on the insides of the liners (just in case someone looks with a detailed eye!)

It's my hope you'll enjoy many of the upcoming builds as I try to stay on the "cutting edge" with new designs. Thanks always for your support!

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