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Interesting FAQ's on Mammoth Tooth

Visited the dentist today for a little work and it's not usually something I look forward to.  Today was was the most fun crown I've had to date! I took one of our recently completed blades with a fossilized Mammoth tooth handle on it to share with Dr. Nauert and he enlightened me on a few things. The tooth of a Pachyderm grows vertically in multiple layers of enamel and dentin allowing them to grind food and their teeth continue to grow (rather than fall out to later be replaced with a new tooth.)  Having worked with tooth material a bit, I told him the dentin areas seem to sand unevenly and quicker than the enamel which takes great care and precision to end up with an even surface.  Dr. Nauert explained this is because it allows the chewing surface of the tooth to have jagged edges similar to chisels allowing the former beasts to chew up plants, limbs, etc. with ease.  (Note: the human tooth is comprised of dentin encapsulated with enamel and root system)
We later toured his lab and identified some cool tools to consider for stabilizing wood materials for handles and dyeing bone.....more to come on this.
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