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Border Patrol Knife - Request & Reviews

borderpatrollogodknifeNathan and I recently had the opportunity to make one of our tactical designs, A-Tac, for the Zapata County Border Patrol Offices.  The knife is being raffled off through their office to raise money for their Explorer Program which teaches youth who are interested in a future in Law Enforcement.  We've since received numerous requests from additional Border Patrol Agents and look forward to providing a high quality product for our men and women who are so dedicated to protecting our nation - thank you B.P.!
~ Alejandro Gonzales III, U.S. Federal Agent
"I would like to thank the great people with MR Knives for their superior product and craftsmanship. The knife ordered exceeded our expectations in every way and the commitment to customer satisfaction was evident from the beginning." 
~ Andrew Stewart, Armadillo Kydex Sheaths (U.S. Veteran)
"As a custom sheath maker I see custom and production knives all the time. I can tell you that this knife from Milinski ~ Renich is top notch. I inspected it with a fine tooth comb. The grinds are spot on, with plunge lines that look factory. As a former U.S. Veteran,  I was glad for the chance to help with this project and provide a sheath worthy of the knife and full time duty in the field."
BP A Tac3 tactical border patrol imageborderpatrolknifeandsheath
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