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What is Damascus?

Damascus steel is a type of steel that is both hard and flexible making it ideal for use in edged weapons. It was originally used for making fine quality swords that some say started around 300 B.C.  As the name implies, it is thought to have originated near Damascus, Syria. Damascus swords were highly prized and were said to be able to cut through the sword blades of European Crusaders. Damascus steel is forged from two or more disimilar alloys of steel. The varying steels are heat forged into a solid billet which can then be used to make high quality knives. Numerous unique patterns can be made by folding, twisting and manipulating the steel Damascus billet. When etched with an acidic solution the dissimilar steels produce exceptionally beautiful alternating light and dark patterns characteristic of Damascus steel.  It is for this reason combined with the history and reputation of strength of these blended steel alloys that we enjoy designing Milinski~Renich custom knives with Damascus.
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