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New Tactical Damascus!

A-Tac Custom Tactical KnifeWe're really excited about the addition of our new tactical blades.  Using our highest grade Damascus steel for the blades, handles are then made with 10ft. of military grade paracord available in various colors (digital camo, hunter green, silver/green, hunter orange, black or any requested color.)  The cord can be untied if needed for variou uses or emergencies and is comprised of 7 internal cords thin enough to use as fishing line (approx. 70 feet in length.)  This will be a unique addition for law enforcement, outdoorsman and collectors.  Just wanted to share a quick photo of our first prototype and we expect to have some higher quality photographs in the gallery very soon!  
Stay tuned, our next project is underway - custom 1911 handles for your pistol.   Our handles will be a great upgrade to your current 1911 and you can order a custom knife to match your 1911 handles.  So whether you are looking for a strong tactical blade or an addition to your AR, this is a must carry for all outdoor enthusiasts and riflemen. 
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