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New Blade Designs

Over the past few months, we've fine tuned a few designs and come up with our new version of the M.R. Hunter and added the M.R. 2 (a smaller version of the first).  We've also added our version of a bird knife similar to our previous "Buckeye Bird" in the photo gallery.
Newest designs
profiled Damascus blades
The M.R. Hunter is an original design inspired by a traditional "loveless" styled hunting blade.  Curves are noticabley different and we've added a finger slot for comfort and blade control.  The M.R. Hunter has an OAL of 8.5 inches (Overall Length).
A slightly smaller version of the M.R. Hunter is the M.R. 2 - OAL is 7.5 inches and has the exact same design as the original.
Our bird knife (yet to be named) is a unique design in an OAL of 7.5 inches.  We hope to share a photo soon of a new bird knife design that might be a more "all purpose" blade for bird hunters and deer hunters.  We think this will be a great blend that might be suitable for several purposes.
rough grinding
Damascus bar stock steelrough grinding
Damascus bar stockAll blades shown above are made from 100% Alabama Damascus steel combining 5160 (spring steel) 203E (low carbon high impact High nickel mild steel alloy) 15N20 (band saw blade material), and 52100 (ball bearing steel).  13 Layers are folded to produce a very strong 416 layered billet from which the blades are designed, cut/grinded and finished.
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