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Future Designs

We've settled in on using Alabama Damascus for our primary blade steel as we move forward.  This makes for a great looking pattern that is forged by professionals to ensure the highest level of quality.  This isn't to say that we're not open to using stainless or other materials upon request but we're excited to work with such unique materials and in most cases, it will be our "go to" blade material. 
In addition to working on several Christmas requests for skinning blades, we've spent time on designing some new shapes we're looking forward to offering.  One is a new version of our Western Hunter blade that will include a finger notch and we'll have two versions, 6.5 and 7.5" OAL.
Another design will be our "Bird/Trout" modified design to include a "leg break" and slimline profile.  We think this will be a popular in the 6.5 and 7.25" OAL's.
Pictures will be added as the cutting and grinding is completed - only have them on paper currently. 
Our newest design was the Exotic Skinner designed with an Amboyna Burl wood that can be seen in the gallery.  We hope you'll check back often to see what's coming up as we add photos and include a "Do it Yourself" blog in the next couple weeks for your homemade etching machine thanks to the help of many folks including Mr. Rendon Griffin.
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